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Aptamil baby formula mother’s milk is unavailable or only insufficiently available, the Aptamil  Infant Formula is an excellent replacement. This outstanding infant weaning formula was developed after 40 years of study and 30 shady investigations on breast milk by Spain’s Danone Nutricia. For feeding infants between the ages of 0 and 6 months, Aptamil infant formula is recommended.

Key Benefits

  • The perfect blend of FOS and GOS contain in the Aptamil milk powder helps to boost the development of the infant’s immune system and can be consider an alternative for mother’s milk when it is not available.
  • The vitamins and mineral content of this baby weaning formula also helps to boost the development of the brain and the optic system of the baby.
  • Moreover, the 100% lactose content in the Aptamil infant formula is essential for supporting the digestive health of infants.
  • Other essential macro and micronutrients like Calcium help to boost the overall physical growth of infants.