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Hipp Formula and Organic Baby Food

The first baby cereal was created by confectioner Joseph HiPP Formula and Organic Baby Food in the late 1800s using milk and crumbled rusk (dry hard biscuits or twice baked bread). Due to his wife’s difficulties feeding their twins, he came up with the solution out of necessity. The family business was founded on the success of Mr. Hipp’s invention. In 1932, his son George established his own food business. The Hipp family transformed their farm into one of the first organic farms in Europe in 1956 as a result of their dedication to sustainable agricultural methods.

People frequently ask us what the distinction between Hipp and Holle is. Both businesses are established in Europe and employ similar organic and biodynamic farming practises. You may be confident that whichever company you choose will provide you with products that are wholesome and pure. Hipp, however, offers a greater selection of items to address every requirement. While Hipp has created formulas for kids with sensitive stomachs, constipation, allergies, who need probiotics, are older than 1 year, or who need more to keep them full during the night, Holle has a straightforward line of formulas (cow and goat milk). The decision ultimately depends on the particular circumstance.