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Similac For Supplementation NON GMO 23.2 Oz

For mothers who are already breastfeeding, Similac For Supplementation NON GMO 23.2 Oz is intended as a gentle introduction to formula. Your baby will receive comprehensive nutrition from this milk-based, iron-fortified, non-GMO formula, which contains 10% more prebiotics than Similac Advance. Our unique vitamin combination promotes the growth of the immune, brain, and ocular systems as well as strong bones and digestive health. Similac is the top-choice brand among parents* and the first well-known brand of infant formula without synthetic growth hormones. * Nielsen statistics for all US baby formula outlets as of 12/2019. There is no discernible difference between milk from cows that were give rbST treatment and milk from cows that weren’t. Ingredients free of genetic certain stores, The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s service mark for the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assurance Programme) moniker is SNAP. USDA does not recommend any specific products, services,