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SMA ADVANCED Growing Up Milk 800g

Stage 3, (12th month to 3 years) Supplies key nutrients to help support young children’s growth up until their 4th birthday. Fortified milk drink for young children from 12 months onwards.

It is the first Growing Up Milk in the UK and Ireland to contain the latest scientific breakthrough in formula, 2’FL and LNnT. SMA ADVANCED Growing Up Milk 800g is enriched with Zinc and Vitamins A, C & D to help support the normal function of baby’s immune system and Vitamin D & calcium for normal growth and development of bone.

SMA ADVANCED Growing Up Milk 800g

SMA ADVANCED Growing Up Milk 800g is nutritionally fortified to assist young children’s growth up until their fourth birthday when consumed as a part of a diversified, well-balanced diet. It includes the most recent developments in the formulas 2’FL, DFL, LNT, 3’SL, and 6’SL. To support the healthy operation of the developing immune system in babies, SMA® ADVANCED Growing Up Milk has been specially formulated with protein that has been cut into smaller pieces and is fortified with zinc and vitamins A, C, and D. Additionally, calcium and vitamin D are present for healthy bone growth and development.

Important Information About Feeding:

To make the beverages stronger or weaker, do not add more powder or water, and avoid pressing powder into scoops. Your toddler could become ill if you use too much or too little powder.
When necessary, we advise preparing each milk beverage in a separate beaker.
Discard incomplete feed in the beaker as soon as you can for hygiene reasons.
You can add fake milk to cuisine or pour it over cereal.
If not prescribed by a doctor, do not modify or add to milk drinks.
Never microwave food to reheat because hot spots might form and scald.

How to Prepare and Open a Drink for Your Toddler:

This product was created under extremely sanitary settings, however it is not sterile. Your toddler could become ill if the preparation and storage guidelines are not followed.
1 .Remove the safety seal, then raise the lid. Lift the tab, tug on the foil seal, remove it safely and cautiously, then discard it.
2 .Thoroughly wash your hands.
3 .180ml (6 fl oz) of cooled, boiled water should be transferred into a clean beaker.
4 .Add 6 scoops of powder, using only the provided scoop, and level each scoop with the back of a dry, clean knife. Replace the lid after putting the scoop across the can’s inner rim.



Lactose (milk), vegetable oils (sunflower, coconut, rapeseed), partially hydrolysed whey protein (milk), structurally identical human milk oligosaccharides (2’Fucosyllactose, Lacto-N-Neotetraose), vitamins (C, E, riboflavin, D, pantothenic acid, niacin, B6, folic acid, A, thiamin, K, biotin, B12), calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, copper sulphate, polyunsaturated fatty acids (AA, DHA (fish oil)), magnesium chloride, potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, L-histidine, choline bitartrate, L-arginine, L-tyrosin, nucleotides (cytidine-, disodium uridine-, adenosine-, disodium guanosine-5’-monophosphate), manganese sulphate, taurine, inositol, ferrous sulphate, L-carnitine, zinc sulphate, sodium selenate, antioxidants (tocopherol-rich extract, ascorbyl palmitate), potassium iodide.