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HiPP Anti Reflux Special Baby Formula 800g

  • Suited from birth onward, thus consistently with added LCPs
  • Locust bean gum natural, proven thickening agent and proven reflux-reducing effect as an ingredient of AR formula
  • Lactobacillus fermentum isolated from breast milk
  • HiPP Anti Reflux Special Baby Formula is the only anti-reflux formula in organic quality
  • Easily digestible


HiPP Anti Reflux Special Baby Formula preparation instructions are different to that of standard infant formulas. Please follow on the preparation instructions written on the packaging carefully. HiPP Anti-Reflux Milk is a food for special medical purposes and should only be consumed under medical supervision. Please ask for advice from your Healthcare Professionals before use.

HiPP Anti Reflux Special Baby Formula 800g

HiPP Anti Reflux Special Baby Formula 800g. a thickened milk powder formula with a complete nutritional profile created especially for infants who frequently have reflux and regurgitation. The carob bean gum included in HiPP’s Anti Reflux Milk Powder Formula is a natural thickening that enables the formula to thicken in the bottle.
HiPP Anti Reflux Milk Powder Formula is a meal for special medical needs and should only be use under medical supervision. It is suitable from birth as your baby’s primary source of nutrition or as part of a diverse weaning diet when introduced from around 6 months. As his family has done for more than 120 years, Stefan Hipp, one of the fourth-generation family proprietors of HiPP, personally guarantees each item we produce.
Skimmed milkwhey product, vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), lactose, thickening agent locust bean gum, fish oil, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, Mortierella alpina-oil, sodium citrate, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, choline, calcium chloride, L-phenylalanine, L-tyrosine, L-leucine, magnesium carbonate, L-tryptophan, L-histidine, ferrous sulphate, stabiliser lactic acid, vitamin C, zinc sulphate, niacin, pantothenic acid, inositol, vitamin E, cupric sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, potassium iodate, folic acid, sodium selenate, vitamin K, vitamin D, D-biotin, vitamin B12.