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Enfamil A+ (1) Infant Formula Powder

Available In;

– 12.5 Oz Can (Powder)

– 21.1 Oz Can (Powder)

– 13 fl Oz Can (Concentrate Liquid)

– 29.4 Oz Can (Powder)

It is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of all infant through 12 months, and has an easy-to-digest blend inspired by breast milk. It’s unique Triple Health Guard blend has 30 nutrients for growth, DHA to help maximize learning potential and an exclusive prebiotics blend clinically proven to support the immune system.

DHA at the clinically proven amount of 0.32% of total fatty acids, the same amount as the worldwide breast milk average, and double the amount found in the leading competitor’s product:

– Clinically proven to support mental and visual development

– Enfamil Infant Formula Powder is shown to improve long-term cognitive outcomes through 5 years of age

– Shown to improve respiratory health through the first 3 years of life when infants were fed through 12 months

– A blend of 2 prebiotics, GOS (galactooligosaccharides) and PDX (polydextrose), at 4 g/L is clinically proven to:

– Enfamil Infant Formula Powder support immune health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli)4,5

– Promote soft stools similar to those reported for breastfed infants6

– Clinically proven growth similar to breastfed infants through 12 months7

– Easy-to-digest 60:40 whey-to-casein ratio, patterned after mature breast milk

Enfamil A+ (1) Infant Formula Powder

Enfamil A+ (1) Infant Formula Powder from birth to six months of age are suppose to consume Enfamil A+ Stage 1 formula, it is a common infant formula that has been carefully create to suit infants’ nutritional needs. Produce by Mead Johnson Nutrition, Enfamil A+. With a history spanning more than a century, Mead Johnson Nutrition is the top manufacturer of cutting-edge paediatric nutrition products in the world.

Feeding guidelines: This powd formula must be reconstitute with boile, cool water before feeding. Please refer to the product label for specific feeding recommendations. When producing formula, good cleanliness, preparation, dilution, use, and storage are crucial.  Enfamil A+ (1) up to 6 months old are suppose to consume Enfamil A+ (1) Infant Formula Powder. It includes prebiotics DHA, ARA, MFGM, and GOS. It is a regular formula that has been scientifically create to suit infants’ nutritional needs and offer the best nutrition possible at every stage of development.

Key Benefits:

  1. Infants between the ages of 0 and 6 months can get all the nourishment they require with the help of the Enfamil Stage 1 powder.
  2. It gives the baby all the nutrients they require to support healthy growth and development.
  3. It provides iron, DHA, ARA, choline, and other elements that are crucial for a baby’s growth, as well as all the nutrients require to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  4. It also helps healthy brain development and improves the child’s cognitive performance. It strengthens the infant’s immune system.


Milk solids (80.7%), edible vegetable oils [low erucic rape seed, palm olein, coconut & corn], Arachidonic acid (ARA) from Mortirella alpinia, docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) from crypthecodinium cohnii, minerals, lecithin, vitamins, corn syrup solids, potassium hydrogen carbonate, Potassium citrate, calcium hydroxide, taurine, nucleotides & ascorbyl palmitate.


Baby formula made by Enfamil is use to feed infants who haven’t had enough access to their mothers’ actual milk. This infant formula contains all the components require to promote a baby’s healthy growth.

How to Use:

  1. Before making the Enfamil infant formula, be sure you always wash your hands with soap and rinse them well.
  2. Boiling them all in water for 5 minutes will sterilise and sanitise any bottles, nipples, cups, or feeding equipment that will be use.
  3. Fresh water should be brought to a rolling boil and then cool to room temperature.
  4. Add the necessary amount of Enfamil A+ Stage 1 formula to a feeding bottle after adding the specifie amount of this water.
  5. To make sure there are no lumps in the solution, cap the bottle and shake